Glowkit 2.0 (Q2/Q3 2023)

Welcome to 2.0!

Thank you for purchasing your version 2 Glowkit! We’ve made many improvements from the first version, all making the new 2.0 kit a far superior kit.

What's New?

Modular Strips

Our brand new strip design makes Glowkit 2.0 far easier to install, and gives you the ability to easily remove bumpers at the same time.

New & Improved Chip

We’ve re-developed the chip used in the strips to make for a much higher brightness without changing the kits’ power usage.

Integrated Switch

One of the main flaws with our previous kit was the constant power-feed to the chip, we‘ve now been able to combat this by integrating a power switch connected directly to the controller of the kit.

New App

A whole new app! The old app wasn’t very intuitive at all, however, it was the app we were stuck with due to bluetooth limitations – This new controller has a whole different app that you’ll find much easier to use.

Your Kit Includes

Fitting Your Kit

🧽 Clean & Degrease

This step is an important one, so please ensure to be thorough. You need to clean & degrease the entire surface area where you are going to be sticking the strips. This must not be a cleaning product that contains any sort of vehicle wax. If you don’t have a degreaser, dish soap and warm water also works, but you will need to be a bit more thorough.

👀 Lay Strips Out

Lay out the LED strips around the car and visualise where you are going to stick them. This is also a great time to figure out how you’re going to feed the wires so they don’t hang on the floor before comitting to fitting them to the vehicle.

🧰 Apply to Vehicle

Peel back the adhesive and apply the strips  one by one to the vehicle. It is best to ensure they are quite a distance from the sill to ensure the strip can’t be seen from the side of the car, as in most cases this doesn’t look good. After applying each strip, secure it with the provided clips & screws fitting them around the neon strip, avoiding covering the LED’s

🔌 Wire to Vehicle

Once all of the strips are applied, you can now wire the controller module to your vehicles’ battery. If you do not know what you are doing with this step, please allow a professional to install them for you. Once the controller is wired to the vehicles battery, connect your neon strips and glow.

📱 Get the App

📸 Send us Photos / Videos

We love to see our product running and working on all cars, and we often share photos that are sent to us on our Website & social media channels. Send us a message with your photos & videos!