Once your order has shipped out from us, you will receive an email confirming that your order is on the way. This will include a Tracking number that will update upon the kit arriving with you. After receiving this email however, your kit should arrive within 2 working days (UK) and 7-14 days (INTL).

Our instructions are online and can be accessed here: Welcome

Here’s some things to try:

  • Ensure you have the correct app installed on your mobile device – Click here and select your kit, then select your devices’ app store.
  • Reset the kit by removing power from the live for 5 seconds then re-attaching. This cycles power to the kit, and your lights should turn on to the colour chasing mode after this cycle.
  • Check your settings app on your phone and search for the device in there to see if it’s displaying.
  • Ensure you’ve given the app the correct permissions to be able to connect with the kit.

Not to worry! This is a simple fix

  1. Press red, green and blue and make note of which colour each displays
  2. Head over to your app’s settings page. You’ll be greeted by 6 different options (RGB, RBG, etc).
  3. Select the colours you wrote down below:

Select Colour Settings

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