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  • Glowkit – RGB Underglow Kit


    Glowkit is the UK’s first RGB Spectrum under-glow kit, featuring millions of selectable colour options & customisations. Glowkit is the most customisable kit available with 200+ preset modes selectable directly through the Bluetooth mobile app. Super-bright, totally customisable and fully waterproof.


    • IP67 Waterproof rated LED strips & cables
    • Colourchase technology
    • 200+ Preset modes
    • Bluetooth activated using IOS & Android apps
    • Music synchronisation
    • Super-bright LED’s

    Each kit includes everything required for installation, with detailed instructions.

    • Bluetooth receiver/controller
    • 2x Front LED Strips (2x 60cm)
    • 2x Side LED Strips (2x 150cm)
    • 2x Rear LED Strips (2x 60cm)
    • Clips for installation
    • Glowkit Sticker

    Underglow kit syncs with our Glowkit Interior kit

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  • Glowkit Interior


    Introducing Glowkit Interior, a brand new super-bright LED interior kit. This kit includes all of the same features that our underglow kit does, such as Colour-flow mode, music mode & more. Using the same app, they also sync up perfectly as a pair.

    Kit includes:

    • Interior LED Strips
    • Bluetooth Receiver
    • USB Connection
    • 12v Connection
    • Instruction Manual
    • Glowkit sticker

    Brightness settings can be changed in-app.

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  • Glowkit #BRINGBACKNEONS Lanyard (LTD)


    Limited Edition! (Limited to 100)

    Here’s your chance to grab a limited edition Glowkit lanyard – The first piece of merchandise that we’ve released, with just 100 to be ever made in this style!

    We always look to deliver quality with our products, and we’re delivering just that with our merchandise range too, and these lanyards will not disappoint. They’re made with an extra-strong & secure clip finished in a satin black to go with the aesthetics of the rest of the lanyard.

    Beyond the clip, you will find a stitched-in embossed leather Glowkit logo – followed by BRING BACK NEONS embossed into the woven lanyard with a black-on-black discreet look.

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  • Clips & Screws Bag


    Changing your vehicle and want to take your Glowkit with you? The clips & screws bag enables you to take your kit off of your current vehicle and secure it to your new one with no problem, or if you just need some extra security clips!

    Glowkit clips & screws bag contains;

    • 14 Clips*
    • 28 Screws*
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